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ULIKE2 is an Israeli site that operates and examines beloved and successful things in Israel and presents them to the global audience. Israel is an example in many areas in the world! At ULIKE2 we try to convey to the whole world the thinking and atmosphere in Israel by matching the successful and beloved things in Israel to the global audience that is interested in cooperating with us. We’ll be happy to comment on anything and as a structure you will share with anyone who might be interested in ULIKE2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ULIKE2 is a site that suits everyone, it allows you to get to know Israel and the things that succeed in it, regardless of your visit to Israel.

By trying to assimilate things that are successful in Israel on general issues in the world can be learned and improved in ULIKE2 We try to address general global things with an emphasis on the unique approach in Israel to those issues

You can see the treasure box on the main page of the site where you can leave details and tell a little about yourself. In the future, we will contact all applicants for examination in other places in the world

All the products we refer to on the site that appear for sale online we try to upload. Products for sale that can be purchased directly and mailed by us We are happy to do so for many understandable reasons

By contacting WhatsApp in a direct call the purchases are made with great safety.

Absolutely no If you have an idea for a topic that you think will interest you and others you are welcome to leave details in the appropriate box. In the future you will see many more topics disguised and updated.

No, The site does not have any political or national views. The site came to try to shed light on how global things in Israel are treated in a unique way for Israelis.

For example, the people of Israel are called the people of the book. In the daily page service you can understand the basics of importance on a daily basis and get better by using free tools to help.

Another example when tasting the flavors of Israeli cuisine with the authentic products The taste experience brings with it an important and real acquaintance with the Israeli public.

Another example for those who understand. On the subject of Israeli wine, the wine service must surely teach them a lot about the Israeli character and the character of the public.

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I was able to read a lot of books that in the past I just wanted and could not find the time.

I bought Israeli wines that I could not get anywhere but to come to Israel myself.

It helped me a lot to distribute the material for studies during the semester. It must have improved my test scores.
San Francisco
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.

I learned how easy it is to make delicious hummus and tahini like I ate in Israel. The most delicious there is!.
I learned things that interest me. I have always appreciated Israeli thinking.

I always wanted to read the whole Bible and could not. By dividing the Bible later I realized how easy it is to do it right and I finished faster than I expected.
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.


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