Daily page

Daily Page


In the age of information and learning, a huge amount of content has been created that we want or need to read. ULIKE2 Daily Page allows you to take and capitalize on the time you have. It allows you regulate your reading process in an orderly fashion using existing technologies for free!!!

All the content you wish to read is split into a daily portion, allowing you to complete you task within your defined time line.

Try and get better, it’s free!!!

For example: A student who uses the daily page can  transfer all the content he needs to read  for the semester and will receive it divided into daily portions which will allow him to cover all the information in time and in a structured manner.

All researchers and developers of learning methods and even experts in brain and memory agree that the strategy for easy and successfully long-term memory is to read the content regularly. This is exactly what the daily page does!!!

As a free app. it is a must for every student during their studies!

Creating order in learning the necessary content is good not only for students! Everyone can enjoy this free app.!!!

For Professionals:  Beginners and even many professionals fail to  keep up in their specialized field and thrive in their profession, due to failed attempts at reading and tracking  content that seems huge and overwhelming. Arranging the content on your daily page in according to your schedule allows you to keep up in less time than you think!


For Religious content:  All religions place a great importance for study and prayer. Continuity and consistency are main ingredients for maximum benefit. Daily Page allows you to get more in less time than you think.


Classic content: Everyone has some classic content that they want or need to read and they just don’t have enough time. For many it is hard to organize and make sure things are read on time according to their goals.  Arranging the content on the Daily Page allows you to succeed.


Medicine and Nutrition: Everyone understands that when it comes to medicine and nutrition you need another opinion! What do you do when there are so many opinions? How do you choose what to go with? No time! You feel powerless! Arranging the content on the Daily Page allows it in less time than you think!


Hobbies: It has happened to everyone that he has taken up some hobby enthusiastically and after a while from lack of time he is left only with the purchases for the hobby without the knowledge to use them. Arranging the content on the Daily Page enables you to master the skills in less time than you think!


Social Media: Everyone asks themselves, how can I manage to be updated before everyone else and to keep ahead at this pace? Arranging the content on the Daily Page allows it in less time than you think!

Today there are all types of content:

Biographies and memoirs

Health, fitness and nutrition

Religion and Spirituality

Humor and Entertainment

Parenting and relationships


Test preparation

Engineering and Transport

Education and Teaching


Crafts and Hobbies

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science and Mathematics

Computer Technology

Mysteries, Thrillers and suspense novels


Sports and Outdoors

Literature and Fiction

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Children’s Books

Reference Books

Medical Books

 Art and photography

Christian Bible Studies


Business and money

Politics and social sciences

Comics and graphic novels


Arranging the content on the Daily Page allows it in less time you think!

 For content by topic: https://www.amazon.com/s?bbn=283155&

Daily Page is compatible to WORD file ONLY! Files in  kindle or in PDF can be converted to WORD at:



After submitting the content and selecting the number of days, choose how to receive the content divided by date:

+ Save to PC

+ Print by days

+ Message to calendar

+ send by email daily

+ Receive in WhatsApp (limited to the number of words)

Arranging the content on the Daily Page allows it in less time than you think! And it’s really free!!!

Services such as language-to-language translation, designs, editing or consulting and hourly training are available at a fee. You are welcome to leave details and we will get back to you.

Questions: we would love to see in the comments.

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I was able to read a lot of books that in the past I just wanted and could not find the time.

I bought Israeli wines that I could not get anywhere but to come to Israel myself.

It helped me a lot to distribute the material for studies during the semester. It must have improved my test scores.
San Francisco
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.

I learned how easy it is to make delicious hummus and tahini like I ate in Israel. The most delicious there is!.
I learned things that interest me. I have always appreciated Israeli thinking.

I always wanted to read the whole Bible and could not. By dividing the Bible later I realized how easy it is to do it right and I finished faster than I expected.
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.