Live Events On Facebook In Israel1

Live Events On Facebook In Israel 

Communication in Israel is very important. The variety of options for live broadcasts is reflected in all areas. A beautiful example is a company that provides free service to celebrants at celebrations and events:

Seven reasons to do an event with ECW Live on Facebook
1. The number of guests at a live event on Facebook jumps in the corona routine from several family members close to all your friends on Facebook and social networks. More participants! More greetings and best wishes! More gifts! More joy!
2. Each participant at the event venue shoots live for one group! Does not take up memory and keeps all the materials in one place without any restriction.
3. For remote participants, the live experience is full of shooting angles and special moments, and the opportunity to respond live intensifies the feeling of presence!
4. Advice and guidance from those with experience in the field of events and live.
5. Supervision of the group and the contents to prevent malfunctions during the event.
6. The group serves as a website even before the event to transmit notices and updates. Probably suitable as a website required by regulations.
7. During the corona routine, everything is free !!! Wow
So what do you have to lose? Join! Share! Share! Share!‭‮

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I was able to read a lot of books that in the past I just wanted and could not find the time.

I bought Israeli wines that I could not get anywhere but to come to Israel myself.

It helped me a lot to distribute the material for studies during the semester. It must have improved my test scores.
San Francisco
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.

I learned how easy it is to make delicious hummus and tahini like I ate in Israel. The most delicious there is!.
I learned things that interest me. I have always appreciated Israeli thinking.

I always wanted to read the whole Bible and could not. By dividing the Bible later I realized how easy it is to do it right and I finished faster than I expected.
As an olive oil addict I have found great oils at good prices.