5 Minutes Hummus

Yields: 4 Servings

Yachin is currently launching a new and dedicated product for making homemade chickpeas, fresh and fine in hummus, in 2 minutes. Who does not know this process of soaking in water and slow cooking? But if someone has already done it for you, all that is left is to make the chickpeas in just two minutes.

The chickpeas from the “Zehavit” variety, a dedicated Israeli variety, go through a long process of soaking in water and slow cooking until they are soft and fluffy.




The variety, developed in Israel, was selected by Yachin from dozens of chickpea varieties and underwent a lengthy development process until the recipe for a chickpea rich in flavor and smooth in texture was found.



The unique recipe for hummus was developed at “Yachin” after a long process and accompanied by hummus experts until the recipe for the beloved Israeli hummus is found.



The production process simulates home preparation: the chickpeas are soaked in water for over 16 hours and cooked slowly until the grains become soft and fluffy.



The chickpeas are preservative-free, thanks to a sterilization process, which destroys all bacteria and allows the product to be preserved for a long time.



recipe  Preparing the chickpeas at home takes several minutes.  Pour the contents of the box (including the liquid in which the chickpeas are cooked, which itself has nutritional values), mix in a blender for a few seconds with a few tablespoons of tahini, to taste. And that’s it. You get fresh and fine hummus as in hummus.  You can add to taste, parsley, garlic, olive oil, lemon, cumin, paprika, spicy, etc.


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